‣ Superior Craftsmanship ~ Designed to safely hold an electric guitar with a quality non-marking hanging padded metal rack inside.

‣ Eye-Catching ~ Various felt background colors create a stunning contrast, perfect for showing off your instrument. Beautiful front opening door. 

‣ Quality ~ Handcrafted in solid, furniture-grade, beech hardwood with an elegant finish.

‣ Secure ~ Locking brass latch to keep items secure. 

‣ Protective ~ 98% UV protection door to safeguard your items from fading.

‣ Ready-to-Use ~ Fully assembled, with wall mounting hardware and padded guitar neck hook.


*Guitar shown in photos not included. 


Hand-made solid furniture-grade beech hardwood cabinet of beautiful design and construction. The Guitar display case features a hinged acrylic door (98% UV protection) to keep your guitar protected and dust-free. Designed to safely hold your guitar: acoustic or fender. the case features a red felt interior background and easy to install padded guitar neck hook. Cabinet ships fully assembled with installed wall hanging metal brackets ready to be mounted. (Guitar shown is not included.)  


Unit Weight: 25 lbs
Outside Dimensions: 19"W X 45.5"H X 6.25"D
Inside Dimensions: 18"W X 44.5"H X 5.5"D
Inside Depth: 5.5"
Framing Material: Beech Hardwood
Door Cover: 98% UV Protection Rated Acrylic 
Door Hardware: Locking Brass Latches
Background Material: Felt

Guitar Display Case Cabinet

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Estimated to be Available : March 21, 2022
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Estimated to be Available : March 21, 2022

Color: Black
Background Color: Red

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Customer Reviews

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Alan B.
Very pleased - made mods for humidity control

I bought an expensive guitar and tired of keeping it locked away and hidden in its case to protect it from New England's big swings in humidity. This display was the perfect solution for me, though I made some easy modifications to help with humidity control. Its not perfect and does require frequent attention to keep humidity where I want it. First, i taped up all parts except the wood and sprayed almost an entire can of sealant (in thin layers allowing to dry in between) of wood sealant on the outside of the display case, especially the back which looks quite porous. From Amz I bought 1/4"x1/8" high density self adhesive foam and put strips along the edge of the open case so that when I close and latch the door, it makes a nice seal. In the summer, when humidity gets high, I keep a Silica Gel canister (also from Amz) inside the case to lower humidity. I can maintain humidity pretty close to 50% even when outside the case, its in the 80%s or higher. In the winter, I keep a damp sponge, partially covered in a plastic container inside the case and I can keep humidity right around a perfect 50%. I dampen the sponge every few days. I keep a hygrometer inside the case and another just outside of it so I can get notifications on my phone if humidity goes below 40% or above 60%. I'm really happy...now I get to enjoy my beautiful Furch much more often - and when not in use, it looks amazing in this display case. I got the walnut stain with black felt backing, no lights. I'm VERY happy. Oh, and the price is great - especially considering I'm able to manage humidity with the mods I made. Highly recommend. In the picture you might be able to see I can maintain about 48%-52% humidity inside the display case even with very low or high humidity outside the case: 84% in Sept, 22% in January.

Jocelyn Goden

It was a Christmas gift for my husband. He loved it! The quality, colour , and the lights went above our expectations. He loves to show it off to us, and can’t wait to show it off to friends went it is safe to do so. Thanks. We highly recommend the guitar case.


I love it so much, it's how it said it was going to come, but the guitar hanger and the lights need to be put on to the box with a drill and bit.Other then that is amazing nice job😁


Insanely fast shipping!!!! Absolutely perfect!!! thank you again for such an amazing product. ill definitely be back

Mike Bunde
Guitar Cases

Guitar cases were quality and shipping was fast