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missing Helmet

i love the 32 Pocket Pro Mini Helmet Display Case Cabinet..but your missing the 49ers you have 2 saints Helmets on display

Excellent quality.

SFDusplays provides top-tier quality framing specifically for valuable collectibles to be framed. If you’re mounting something of value on display then it should be inside an SFDisplay case/frame!

It’s just okay

The boxes only fit it you don’t have the lids. You can’t fit them in if the lids are on the back of the boxes, in other words you have to store all the lids separately

Looks great on my wall!!

Bat display

Like all of the other displays purchased, the finish and appearance is great.
I was surprised the locks were on the opposite side from the 5 bat case , but not an issue.

2 Baseball Bat Display Case Cabinet


I ordered my case for delivery to Mexico - a challenge. Fortunately, everything went well and, except for a delay in delivery (caused by the Mexican postal service), the case was delivered intact.
I ordered the case light and the descriptive plaque. The plaque is great, the light good. It illuminates the headstock of the guitar, but leaves much of the body in shadow.
The latches (locks) are cheaply made - as expected - and should be considered only as a way to hold the door closed, not as security. But they look good.
If I have need for another case, I will certainly order it from sfDisplay.


I use these to display war games miniatures. They work perfectly. Shipping is reasonable and fast.

Very nicely made have 3 of them.

Will be buying another one within 6 months zippo collection is getting bigger.

Very attentive company

I have had the benefit of interacting with this company several times after I bought the first display case. The quality was outstanding. I realized that much more could be added to that case in order to make more complete display of that presentation. It was surprising to learn that they had anticipation the evolving needs, and offer other products to compliment the case attributes. Additional hangers are available add more items to the display. I tracked down the business phone number and was easily able to purchase more hangers. They were delivered much faster than expected. Because of the quality of the product, and their service, it was a “no-brainer” to order from them again, and includes additional hanger requests. Once again, superior quality of product and service. As my collection grows, I’ll go back, again and again.

Great Modular Wine Rack

This was everything I hoped for. Solid Beech wood makes this so much sturdier and longer lasting than its pine counterparts. Every part fit together easily and perfectly. The 12X12 unit allows you to store a case in every column which makes organizing your collection so much easier. Would highly recommend this as a reasonably priced and attractive wine storage unit.

Great display box

I have ordered from this company before, they were kind enough to see if I was trying to order the same thing as before or something new. I wanted the same thing but did not pick it. I am glad they checked.

Mirror Backed and 4 Glass Shelves Shot Glass Display Case Cabinet

Wrestling Belt Display Case Cabinet (54")

Repeat buyer. This is a great case!

Great display cabinet. Highly recommend.

Wonderful purchase. Excellent quality. I appreciated how it was packaged. It arrived in perfect condition.

Lightning fast shipping and high-quality product!

great looking, shipped and arrived with in 2 days

Great quality and fast shipping! Exactly what I was looking for

Beautiful case. Very impressive. Thank you!

The jersey frame is extremely well constructed, and the hardware is top quality. What an amazing frame and easy to access with the hinged door.

Awesome display for my football cards

80lighter display

Love my new display case nice quality and's nice to be able to display my lighters.been in boxes for years thanks Jerry