‣ Two units of our 5 LEDs battery-powered spotlighting bars.
‣ Long-lasting bright LED bulbs.
‣ Use 3x AAA batteries, touch light lens for ON/OFF.
‣ Sticky back for easy mounting.
‣ Will fit inside any display case with a minimum depth of 2 inches.


Unit Weight: 3 oz each (2 units = 6 oz)
Outside Dimensions: 7"L x 1.75"W x 1"D

5 LEDs Spot Lighting Bars (2 units)

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Really wanted to like these

I purchased these alongside a guitar case a few months ago. You get exactly what you pay for with them, which may not be exactly what you want. They work like an inexpensive tap light, which makes them very convenient. They look nice, and you don’t have to worry about hiding cords, but the battery life on them is not that great, nor is the adhesive. I made sure the area I was sticking them to was very clean. I pressed them firmly in the desired place the first time without moving them, but they still fall off about once a week. I think I could live with the poor battery life if they’d had an option to mount them with screws. For now, I’ve removed them while I try to decide what lighting I want to try next. I may just deal with a cord if it means I don’t have to worry about the expense and waste of burning through 6 batteries to have my case illuminated all day. This would be a good light for those that only want them on occasionally and are willing to modify the bases with screws.