How to Assemble the 24 Bottles Modular Stackable Wine Racks

The 24 Bottles Modular Stackable Wine Rack is a versatile option for wine storage. The pinewood is an elegant and smooth, yet durable material. You have the option to select multiple sets based on your wine bottle capacity requirement and what fits your space. 

As the item ships flat, some minor assembly is required. All you will need is a simple hammer to nail the provided nails into the predrilled holes on the wood pieces.

Download the printable PDF instructions here.


  • 24 Modular Stackable Wine Rack (comes with 2 sets, each fits 12 bottles)  
    • Pinewood Pieces
      • 4 End Pieces
      • 6 Center Pieces
      • 8 Cross Pieces
    • Nails (included)
  • Hammer 

Estimated time: 15 minutes per cube


1. Position the 3 Center pieces with 2 of the Cross pieces as shown in the photo. Nail at predrilled holes from the top.


2. Flip over and position another 2 Cross pieces as shown in the photo. Nail at predrilled holes again as shown.


3. Slide in from the side the 2 End pieces. Nail at predrilled holes from the top as shown. Flip over and nail bottom side.


4. One unit is done, now repeat the same process for the second unit.



The product used in this tutorial is the 24 Modular Stackable Wine Rack.

Download the printable PDF instructions here.

Pdf instructions

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